Every western world think 13 is unlucky number. Is that right? Not all the western world say that 13 is unlucky. In Italy, thirteen is truly lucky number while 17 is unlucky.  Some country lucky number and unlucky number were much different in the western countries. Like in Hong Kong or other western influence Asian country, an elevator button number 4 and 13 were skipped. Here what I learned from every countries:

Number 7

Every western world believe 7 is extremely lucky number. I see lot of 7 in casino slot. In the Daily Mail, the poll of 30,000 peoples vote 7 is their favorite number along with 3 and 5. There are seven days of the week, seven continents, seven colors of rainbow, seven notes of musical scale, and seven seas. Famous novelist like Ian Fleming, he didn’t 006 or 008 for James Bond; instead, he put 007 as James Bond agent number. The true reason why 7 is lucky number is because God made seven days of the week. There are seven wonders of the world along with seven ancient planets of the world.

However, not all the world think 7 is everybody number. In China, Vietnam, Thailand, and other Chinese influenced countries, they say 7 is seventh month or July. July is ghost month in oriental countries. It is not how Halloween celebrate in Asia. This ghost month is where people pay respects to the death. Mostly, the death is known as “Unfair Death”, and houses must offer fruit and food to the death or they will be haunted.

Number 13 

Most of all western world believed the 13 is extremely unlucky number. The number have associated to many dreadful events in the past. Jesus thirteen disciple is Juda Iscariot, Jesus’s disciple who betrayed Jesus. Juda felt guilty and committed suicide by hanging. From the Mayan Calendar to the Last Supper to the Order of Killing the Knight Templar, Templar contain the number thirteen. Well infamous day called Friday the 13th. Well know first slasher movie title was called Friday the 13th. This slasher movie is about group of teenagers who are murdered one by one while attempting to reopen an abandoned campground. However, Friday the 13th is associated with bad event like Paris Shooting 2015.

In Italy in contrast to all western country, thirteen is good number in Italy. The number represent St. Anthony in Italy, a patron saint of finding things or lost people.

Number 4

In Germany, four is lucky number along with seven because four is associated with four-leaf clover. The four-leaf clover is rare variation of the common three-leaved clover. Four-leave bring good luck to their finders. In addition, four leave is represent something: the first leaf is for faith, the second leaf is for hope, the third is for love, and the forth is for luck.

In China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and other Chinese or Japanese influence, four is equivalent to thirteen.  Their language pronunciation of the number four is similar to that of the Chinese word for death. In most Chinese or Japanese influenced countries, number 4 or number end with 4 were omitted even the parking lot number, table number, and model number.

Number 8 

Most Sinosphere countries including China, Japan, and Vietnam, eight is exactly same as seven in Western. Number 8 in both Chinese and Japanese sound similar to prosper and money.

In India on other hand, eight is misfortune number. Eight is the number of Sani which is relation breaker, peace breaker, and lethargic kind of personality.

Number 9

In Chinese, number nine is the number of the emperor. In Norwegian, Norway mythology contain mostly 9 in their story. Nine in Norwegian is really a sacred number.

In Japan unlike Chinese and Norway, number nine is consider unlucky along with number four. Number nine pronunciation in Japanese is sound similar to “suffering.”

Number 2

In China, two is consider lucky number. Although that two is smallest number, two is associate with double, twinned, and again. It is an auspicious number in Chinese, because Chinese people believe that good things come in pairs.

Number 3

So many reason why three is second favorite number behind seven. In China, three is consider luck due to featured in many Chinese philosophers saying. Similar to Sweden, there is an idiom for three: “All good things must come in three.” In Italy, three represent a triangle,  simple for strength  and balance. Three is also number of wishes we can have.

Three isn’t good fortune in Japan and Vietnam. Not very popular number, but there a superstition that if a photo was taken with three person, and it is likely the middle person will die.

Number 666 

In all Christian countries, the number 666 is number of Satan or beast. But in China, 666 mean “everything goes smoothly”. Lucky 666 charm can often be seen on neon or store sign in China.

Number 39 

Number 39 is unlucky number for Afghanistan. Number 39 is the cursed number. The word is roughly sound similar to “dead cow”, and the number can be misfortune through various scenario.

Whole Number 

In this case, lucky number not just applied to specific number. It can apply to every number. In Russia, even number isn’t good number because of the explanations is related to flower. Even numbers of flower are only to be brought in funeral and shouldn’t given to a person. Odd number of flower is good answer to give to one person.

There are more number can be good and bad. As you can see above do not be too superstitious about numbers because they can mean different in different cultures. If you know more about number culture please respond to me.